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AWP Tips

From the scarily freqently perfectly timed mind of Roxane Gay:

Some Dos and Don’ts:

Do drink a lot of water. Go offsite to buy bottled water because the convention center and hotel will charge exorbitant prices.

Don’t thrust your unsolicited manuscript into an editor’s hands. It will be awkward for both of you.

Do visit the host city for at least an hour or two. There is life beyond the convention center.

Don’t try to attend everything. It’s not possible. Instead, pick a few panels and offsite readings to attend and leave the rest to possibility.

Do acquire a good tote, and on Saturday evening, ship home all the books and magazines you buy.

Don’t pretend to have read someone’s book if you haven’t. Don’t be sycophantic or use flattery as social currency. You can and should engage writers in normal conversation. Writers are people, too.

Do have fun and do not take the conference too seriously. Do carve out quality time with your friends when you can—a quiet hour for coffee or a meal far from the hubbub of the conference.

The only part of this I won't be taking to heart is the shipping part of it, because we will have a trunk. Great American road trip, here we come!

If you're going to be there, I hope to see you! This is my very first writing conference, and any other tips (or drinks and moments of commiseration once we're emotionally flattened) are more than welcome.