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Congrats to Kim Golden and Maybe Baby!

Loyalty-contributor Kim Golden has done it again--her self-published women's fiction novel Maybe Baby has been awarded Bronze in the Readers' Favorite 2014 International Book Awards! You can find her book in the Fiction-Drama category, but what I recommend most strongly is that you get yourself a copy, digital or print, and start reading. It's escapist, page-turning reading at its best, complete with a healthy dose of armchair travel, but as a very important part of my childhood says, you don't have to take my word for it.

Imagine finding out you could never have a baby with the man you love...

Expat American Laney Halliwell finds out the hard way when Niklas tells her he had a vasectomy before they met and isn't interested in reversing it. Why should he? They've got his kids from his first marriage and an enviable life in Stockholm.

What if you fell in love in the most unexpected way...?

But Laney wants more. So when a friend suggests she look into an alternative sperm bank in Copenhagen to find a potential father for her baby, things don't go exactly as planned. Especially when Laney meets Mads and finds herself falling in love.

Congratulations to Kim!